Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Now that the last bead show of the year is done, the muse is creeping cautiously out of hiding....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bean soup

In all our uproar of late the garden has been sadly abandoned....yesterday Punkin and I went out and picked the row of yellow wax beans that had dried on the vine. We carefully shelled them and noticed the markings on them like a painted pony. We simmered them for an hour and added a handful of tiny potatoes and a bottle onion from the garden, and a half a jar of last years canned carrots. After a bit of seasoning, it was pronounced the best soup ever...

After reading todays post on Full Freezer, it struck me that this was more than just letting a child experiment----it's teaching her to feed her family properly. The things we took for granted are all but lost---heaven only knows how much I didn't learn because it wasn't interesting at the time----I only wish I could go back and ask some questions now.

I read Judy's post and was vividly reminded of the mother and child in the frozen aisle at Safeway, worrying about whether or not they had frozen pancakes at home....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where to start?

How do I start posting again? I had deliberately paused, so that I wouldn't be scattering my problems all over the web, but starting back up is very daunting.
Not as much of anything as I wanted got done this summer, it was as close to a waste as I can imagine, and I would love a re-do. Especially with slightly better spring weather!!

Chuck & Con are in Denver at the Bead Ren, they'll be coming home tonight, and I am supposed to be making beads today so we'll have something to take back down there tomorrow.

At the moment, I'm just enjoying the quiet morning.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

mi vida loca

Heard an alarm bark yesterday (who knows the neighbor's dog's barking well enough to know an alarm bark--I need to get out more!), looked out and saw a deer puttering around in our yard. It took five of us to corner and grab the little rascal! Shelley dropped him back over the fence into her yard and he bounded away with his tail in the indignent position....fluffed like a white flag.

Summer has crested and is racing downhill to winter....and I must pull myself up and preserve what I can for cold winter days. I made raspberry jam last week, and was hard put not to open a jar and eat it with a spoon, after tasting the last little bit that didn't fit in the jars.

All in all, I did not do or grow as much as I wanted to this summer, hopefully the lessons learned will last.
We're off to the Denver Bead Ren next week, with loads of discs, and hopefully leaves, Chuck has had more hours at the PO, so fewer leaves are happening...