Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That was strange

Just got internet back after more than 24 hours without it. An optical cable that serviced this area was cut, and phone service was patchy, internet worse, depending on the provider.

I was almost disappointed when it came back, truthfully. Much as I love the internet, I wouldn't mind too much going back to the days of no phone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It is so quiet in this house, except when the baby starts zooming around. We've nicknamed him Mr. Plunkett, he has a odd gait that's half forward and half up and down. He and Peanut have become the best of friends, surprisingly. Peanut has been the baby of the house for the last year, but he's sharing that position very well.

Con comes home in two more days and I hope the replacement plate shows up before she does! The day she left, I dropped her favorite turquoise Fiesta plate and of course it broke....luckily that color is still readily available. Several years ago I bought her and Chuck each a place setting, hers was pink, Chuck's turquoise. Turns out pink dishes are not her favorite....so Chuck owns the pink plate now!

The cilantro is beginning to bloom, time to plant another round for the salsa when the tomatoes start. The current crop is all from overwintered seeds, and I was amazed at how well it does. From a small row, maybe four feet long, I now have a thick patch about 8 x 4 feet. This is after I tilled, also, though maybe that helped.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


is offically here....although I think it snuck in early.

Hail, rain, hail, it's been challenging and I still don't have all my plants in the ground. There's this little group in the wagon that keeps migrating in and out of the garage. Probably because I bought too many plants to begin with.

Connie is away at camp and the house is very quiet. I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday, it was too quiet and I wandered around doing nothing. I'd catch myself and then a few minutes later I'd be aimlessly puttering again.

I need to spruce up the Etsy shop today, list and relist, push a batch of mail out the door, pull the wagon out of the garage.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up

Still using Punkin's computer...still not happy with Bytes in Scottsbluff...

Canned a load of lambsquarters yesterday, took a bucket and a half to get 6 pints...I'd forgotten how much greens cook down. Oh, well, there's still plenty out there for tomorrows canning. The purslane is almost big enough to eat, too.

We've had two major storms since I posted last, both with funnels. Last night's was particularly bad, golf to baseball sized hail and at least one trailer home flipped.

The best thing is I now have a dedicated shelf for jars! I have no idea how many empty jars I have, as they're everywhere, stuffed in wherever there might be room. Now as I empty them or clean up garage sale jars, I have a place to put them.