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Took the last of the bread dough from the fridge (wheat with coarse ground cornmeal), rolled it out thin and stuck it in the oven to pre-cook. Chopped up an onion and fried it, then added the last of the counter-ripened green tomatoes of summer, cut in chunks. A few green olives and a sprinkle of adobo, then I pulled out the crust, spread sauce and topping on, grated a bit of cheese over it all and put it back in for ten minutes. Yum!

The wind is back

Winter always means wind, here. At home I loved the wind, but here, not so much. It's cold and cutting and since we live on the edge of town, we always wind up with other people's garbage clinging to the fence and the sunflowers----plastic shopping bags rattling in the trees.

I've made a windbreak of hay bales for the buns and they come out when the sun is just right and huddle in a roiling ball of white fur in the shelter of it, blinking and furling their ears.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fellowship of the traveling sunbeam

We don't keep our house very warm in the winter, we leave the thermostat on 60-62 during the day and 50-55 at night. The littles (chihuahuas) are very grateful for the morning sunbeams and will all three crowd together so they can be in the sun.
It reminds me of some kind of chihuahua sundial, I can tell time by the location of the dogpile!