Monday, March 16, 2015

I love Georgia O'Keefe--she always got right to the bones of things, sometimes literally

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh boy, where to start...and should I?
It's always harder to pick back up--so much water under the bridge.

I had somewhat of a hiatus from beadmaking around the time of the move--I passed a couple of accounts to people better able to handle them and pretty much decided I was done. It didn't work out that way of course, the lure of glass is too strong.

I've been selling more on Facebook, which is interestingly different, and much like the early days on Ebay, with some of the same wild west mentality too, it seems like.

I've been feeling like an overflowing cup, inspiration-wise, it's rather funny. Possibly my attention span has changed with age, lol.   I'm also finding myself drawn back to some of the older pieces and techniques I used to do, in part because I miss the early days of discovery and the sheer fun of it all---I found the old color mixing project from Wet Canvas and mixed a bunch of the old recipes and found some new ones while I was at it.   Pantone has featured a pale orange/tangerine that I'm fascinated with for some reason, especially with purple.  I used to hate orange, go figure!