Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Another star variation, pardon the poor photo.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

These are a slightly different variation, and I think I like them a little better.

Start by picking up one crescent, one sz 11 seed, one crescent, til you have six of each.
Go back through to make a circle, with the points facing outward.
Fusion Beads has a simple bead made this way on their website 

Go through a couple of times for stability

Now, come out of a seed, and step down to the bottom hole of the crescent. Fill in between each one with seeds.
Come out of a crescent, pick up one seed in the color you used between the crescents, one in a contrasting color, and one in the first color. Go through the next crescent and repeat all the ay around.
Now, come out of a center bead, the contrasting color, and pick up two of the first color, one sz 8 in a contrasting color, and two of the first color. Do this all the way around.

At this point it'll look a little crowded.  Go around again, but only go through the first color.  Skip the sz 8 on the points and the contrasting color on the last round.  Keep your tension a little tighter, and pull on the points a little to get that sz 8 to stick out.

Go around a few times, bury your thread, and finish as you  usually do.

Based on a five pointed star earring that I first made in my early 20's for a gift shop.

Start with 5 sz 11 seeds, make a circle and go through it several times.
Now add one bead between each of the original five.
Coming out of one of the second round, pick up a crescent bead, so the points will face outwards, and string one in between each point.
Coming out the top hole of one of the crescents, pick up a sz 8 seed, and string between the crescents.  (Repeat all the way around)
Go around once for stability.
Now, come out of one of the 8's and step down to the bottom hole of the crescent.
Pick up one sz 9, one spiky button, and one sz 8. Go through the next crescent, repeat all the way around.

Now, go around a couple of times for stability, bury your thread and cut or know, however you prefer to finish off.

It's the tension that makes this a cap, if you leave it loose and add a couple more beads on the last step it would lay flatter, like a star.  You would need to go around a few more times for stability if you wanted it flat.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Not the best photo, but I'll leave it here for now---one's made with Czech thorns, the other with spiky buttons.  Just a bit different from what I've seen out there.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The cardinals were back today, much quieter than their spring imitation of a laser rifle.  We're right on the edge of their year round habitat, so we may see them through the winter, with any luck.