Monday, April 5, 2010


Spring smells different here, a mix of dust, smoke from burning weeds, and the usual whiff from the feedlots when the wind is right....all in all, mostly a dry sort of mix. Home was all moist, musty, ripe earth and sea smell, altogether a different thing.

The garlic is poking up and I've been sneaking a little piece here and there, it hasn't the heat of an onion top, but it's good.
Hopefully my back will do better with the warmer weather, I hate not being able to do everything I want...there's dirt to be dug!

We're canning the two year old beans, it will be nice to have beans ready to go in the summer, without heating up the house. We're done with the small whites, now it's time for kidneys, then the garbanzos. I'm tempted to try some dried peas, but I'm afraid that might just be really weird....anybody know?

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Amrita said...

Your weather must be pretty warm by now to have these things growing.

We get dried peas in the stores. I have frozen peas never dried them. Don 't have the technology for it.