Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up

Still using Punkin's computer...still not happy with Bytes in Scottsbluff...

Canned a load of lambsquarters yesterday, took a bucket and a half to get 6 pints...I'd forgotten how much greens cook down. Oh, well, there's still plenty out there for tomorrows canning. The purslane is almost big enough to eat, too.

We've had two major storms since I posted last, both with funnels. Last night's was particularly bad, golf to baseball sized hail and at least one trailer home flipped.

The best thing is I now have a dedicated shelf for jars! I have no idea how many empty jars I have, as they're everywhere, stuffed in wherever there might be room. Now as I empty them or clean up garage sale jars, I have a place to put them.

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