Friday, October 1, 2010

October already

Should be little white puffballs popping up any time now!
We bought three white bunnies earlier in the summer, planning to breed for meat eventually. Meaning someday, not right away. We looked, we researched, we offended the bunnies greatly in our quest to get one boy and two girls. We were certain that we had succeeded until the neighbor lady who knows animals very well double checked us. Turns out we managed to get three girls. Oh, well, not the end of the world.

Fast forward a month and some odd behavior on the part of one of the "girls", which I assumed was dominance and pecking order establishment. Picked up the "dominant" girl one day and whoops, that ain't no girl!

So much for planned and controlled breeding! We had allowed the buns to dig burrows since we didn't have the building supplies for a proper hutch, and now there's no way to see when the babies are born, we'll have to wait for the moms to wean them and bring them upstairs.

Meanwhile it's time get the hutch made, since the babies are going to find it much easier to get through and under the fence.

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Amrita said...

I love bunnies too, but they are dangerous for my garden, so I can' t keep them

My dogs also loved rolling in th e laundry, Sheeba rolls on the bed.