Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quiet days

Much happening, but I've had no words....like floating down a river with a camera, you may not take pictures for a distance, but you still traveled that distance..

Con got her first deer. I was very worried that something might go wrong, but it didn't. She made a perfect shot, right through the lungs at about 70 yards, and that was all it took. He was a big one, five points on one side, with the other side missing, so he would have had a nice spread. We will mount the one side and the stump of the other for her anyway.

We had venison for Thanksgiving, and it was good..

Everything seems like it's waiting, very still and silent.


Amrita said...

Oh y goodness venison for Thanks giving -that ' s special.

When it was legal my Dad used to go out and hunt . We got id boar, blue bull , deer and fowl.
Now you can 't hunt wild life.

patti627 said...

Congratulations, Connie!!