Saturday, May 28, 2011

I heart my hubby

I somehow managed to sleep through the five am feeding, but he got up and fed her for me. I woke up at seven and he told me I'd slept right through the alarm. I can't remember it going off, so I must have been really deep.

Don't know I mentioned that one of the rabbits, Missy, has decided that colony living is not to her liking. She's very good at getting out of the pen, the last escape route we saw was up on top of the wire cage from the opening, across the top, along the hay bale fence and down the other side.

We have several stacked wire cages left open, with a little ramp to the top one, a wire fence surrounded by hay bales so the buns aren't visible from the alley, and a partial roof of plywood over the entrance to the den. They like to lie just outside the entrance and relax, this protects them a little and keeps rain and snow out of the hole.

It's rather funny because we have chihuahuas also, so the dogs will come racing out of the house and tear after the bunny. She runs for a bit until she remembers that she's as big as they are and probably heavier.....she'll stop suddenly and turn to face them with her ears back. They slam on the brakes and remember urgent business elsewhere...

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