Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big one

storm, that is.
Four windows broken, a downspout ripped off, and my garden flattened. The neighbors could smell my cilantro and garlic from their house.

Connie sat in the storm room with Peanut and the little girl (who snored through the whole thing) and we crammed all the other pets in the downstairs bathroom. Except Joshie, who stubbornly vanished til it was over.

Then we went out and cleared the storm drains every few minutes or so, and prayed the water didn't rise any was level with the curb, and we don't have sandbags.

This morning we're picking up glass and I replanted my cilantro patch....

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fullfreezer said...

Goodness! Even with all the damage, I'm glad you are all alright. The weather this year has been something else. Take care.