Saturday, July 11, 2009


Time to sit down and rest.....three weeks of what turned out to be strep for all of us, a round of antibiotics for me (it got in the glands in my neck), a trunk show packed and mailed---thanks to everyone who bought those focal discs, that helped with the shipping!

The corn across the way is waist high, my green beans are in full bloom, and the summer squash are just starting to bloom....
We've been eating chard and mustard greens for a couple of weeks now, too. I was somehow expecting the mustard greens to be as big as chard, but they aren't, and they are beginning to put on a flower stalk, so I assume they're not going to get much larger. They taste fine, though!

We bought Con a new bed at a yard sale, still in the plastic. We did notice that her dresser need to be moved over to make room, but it didn't dawn on us until we tried to put sheets on it that something wasn't right. The guy told Chuck it was a regular/full, but it's actually a queen. Con is beside herself, she feels very grown up. We're wondering how many toys and books she can fit on this one!

Time to take a ten minute nap, than off to pick strawberries....the u-pick farm has a deal where you pick forty pounds and keep's a good deal, since otherwise the strawberries are 2.50 a pound.

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