Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Almost snow

The forecast is calling for snow later on this week.....which means a frantic scramble to get those last minute things done in the yard, putting away hoses, pulling the last weeds....

Indoors, the beets are finally conquered---I'm quite sure they were reproducing in my bathtub at night when I was sleeping. No time to rest, though, the six boxes of apples, mostly windfalls, are waiting to become applesauce. I just washed all my bowls and pots and picked up the layer of newspaper on the floor---now to do it all again! And there are potatoes to wash, before it gets too cold.
During the beet canning the counter was covered, so we ate beets for dinner, with butter and salt and a whole loaf of 5 minute bread with cornmeal...we liked the texture and flavor, so I'll add that to the variations. I made the small batch, and substituted a cup of cornmeal for one cup of flour, then sprinkled the top of the loaf with salt-free seasoning before it went in the oven.

I'm debating harvesting the rest of the sunflower heads from the sunflower fence....the jays are enjoying them at the moment.

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