Friday, October 16, 2009


The snow is gone and it feels like fall again....the last couple of days were odd--it smelled like spring, that deep, cold, wet smell you get at breakup. Then the breeze would be just so, and the scent of the neighbor's cottonwood would intrude and it would be fall yet again.

The flock of robins appears to be gone, the clock must have turned over and they left. We had probably fifty robins in the back yard, a flicker, a dozen jays, a cranky woodpecker, and assorted sparrows and finches. It was an uproar, to be sure!

Since we are planting garlic, we needed some mulch---so yesterday we got a pickup load of straw in bales. Con immediately decided she wanted a straw-bale house and commandeered the mulch for a house. I think we have a couple more warm days before I have to get the garlic in the ground, so she can play house for a bit..

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