Friday, July 2, 2010


fresh garlic! I've been sneaking around the garlic patch, wondering if I could hear them growing under there or if they're all done.
Finally decided to dig one bulb of each, just to check progress, you understand. The Chesnok Red is truly impressive. The bulb I dug was large and beautiful, with lots of cloves, 8-10 of them. I chopped about half the cloves in fairly large pieces and spread them in a baking pan, laid chicken on top, sprinkled with Argyle St seasoning and baked til done. The garlic was soft and spreadable, so we spread it on the chicken as we ate.

Hubby, who does not like onions or garlic, was amazed at how good it was. Forget sharing the garlic this year, I think!

In bead news, I have a bunch of listings for the weekend over on Etsy. It's been a while since I really put a lot of stuff up at once, but we have a broken water line that needs fixed soonest, the water bill is steadily rising...

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