Sunday, July 18, 2010

The cat smells like garlic

I think he must be nibbling on the tops---it's laid out everywhere downstairs to dry. He jumped in my lap, & I thought, boy he smells good.....WAIT A MINUTE!

Le buns are getting a new cage this week, their accomodations aren't exactly five star at the moment, though they don't seem to mind. As hot as it's been, we've been giving them the frozen water jug and they love it.
Gabe is exremely curious, he'll bow and carry on outside their run, and they of course loftily ignore him.

Con has been so sick, none of us have been sleeping well the last couple nights, she coughs so much. It's finally beginning be productive, and she's taking great pleasure in hacking and spitting.....I've been sleeping with one eye open, she's slightly sleep-deprived and that always leads to sleepwalking with her. Usually in search of the bathroom, and she generally wanders into our room and starts to sit down on the edge of our bed. Not a good thing.

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patti627 said...

I thought garlic was poisonous to cats.