Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I was supposed to make beads

Instead I cleaned beads and cut my finger when a bead stuck on the dremel..then Cocoa came in from the back yard with a big thorn in her paw, broken off of course.
We tried holding her down, she tried biting us. We wrapped her in a towel and put a sock on her head. Then we tried putting her in a pillow case and lying on her. Then I tied her hind legs up with a bathrobe belt. This all took 45 minutes.
I finally became frustrated and duct-taped her up in a bundle in the pillow case with the sock on her head. Finally! Thirty seconds and the thorn was out. Who would think a seven pound Chihuahua could put up such a fight?
Now she is zooming around on three legs when we're watching, four legs when she thinks we don't see her.....


Amrita said...

Oh poor cocoa, hope she is feeling better now. Poor girl.

Your leaves are ovely too.

Amrita said...

Came back to say all those attempts to restrain Cocoa are really very innovative. i have not had to do this with our dogs, -just leash them up and hold them down, but I 've been bitten a number of times mind you.