Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow deferred

We were supposed to get a storm last night, but it appears to have slipped away to the south a bit and missed us, though there is another front moving in. The storm advisory has been changed to tonight, and I'm kind of hoping it holds off til tomorrow, since hubby has to be out in it all day Saturday...maybe it will be cleaned up a bit by then.

We're making most of our presents this year, for several reasons. Finances is obviously one, but when I was a child we made presents. It wasn't til I grew up and moved to the city that I fell into the glittering trap of consumerism, and in the process, forgot how much I loved to embroider.....something my grandma taught me at eight. I still have a book that she bought me for Christmas one year.
I had planned to make the Punkin some clothes for her doll, and had the pattern hidden, I thought, under some items that were already cut out. Well, of course she found it, and being very analytical, went and measured her doll. The pattern is for 18" dolls, and here comes Con, "Mom, this will fit my doll, why didn't you show me this?" So we are making doll clothes together, and that's just fine.

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