Friday, December 4, 2009

Still here

still haven't gotten the computer fixed---thank goodness for DD's little puter!
And the library, and the

It's been cold, 12 below this morning, and we're trying not to owe the gas company too much, so things are a bit chilly around here. We've made little coats for the littles and Eddie has lots of fur, so he does ok. It's funny to look at the chair in the sun, two littles in a pile, a cat on the arm, and another cat prowling. He's like to be in the pile, but he's never gotten along with anyone, so they all ignore him and let him play puma all alone.

We are making presents for Christmas, so the creativity machine is revved up, and the mess is tremendous. Ten year olds are astonishing!

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Amrita said...

Hello Carolyn, thanking you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

I am glad the lady did not dial 911. People shold wait and weigh the situation before taking action like this.