Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I just ran out of liquid laundry soap, so I pulled out the bars of Zote that I bought last summer....I've never used the bar type laundry soap before, so I have some learning to do. I like the smell, it's lemony and nice, but not overpowering. There was an extra cheese grater in the drawer, so I pressed it into service as a soap grater instead----grated in about a tablespoonfull to start. It didn't make suds, but the smell stayed through the rinse, and the clothes appeared to be clean, so I'll settle for that, maybe cut back a teeny bit.
We had a front coming through, so I was able to get four loads done and hung---the wind made short work of the drying today. I love not using the dryer, every load I hang is a load I don't have to pay Kinder Morgan for!

Still using a borrowed computer, but I think I spent too much time on the computer anyway!


Donetta said...

1/2 c borax, bar grated of zote,1/2 c laundry soda= 16 Q of liquid soap.
I will do a lesson when I get a chance on my other blog.
This makes the best soap I do not buy any more
16 qt. =$ 2-3.

carolyn said...

You mix it and leave it dry?