Wednesday, January 20, 2010


was curry, rice, lentils and naan for went well.

We crushed the spices for the lentils (the coriander seeds came from last years cilantro crop, yay!), and got the onion and garlic cooking, then started the curry...once that was going, I mixed the bread dough. When I rolled the bread out flat, I sprinkled the ajwan seeds in the flour on the counter, and they rolled in nicely. The bread crisped up nicely in the oven, and the curry was just right, not too hot, although I did make one batch with three tablespoons of curry paste for the adults.
A few of the teenagers refused to try it, but the younger ones appeared to like it, no small thing, considering our group is predominately Hispanic, and there are no Thai or Indian restaurants in this area.

Another week done!


Amrita said...

Oh wow this sounds really good. I love naans but have never made them at home.Wish I could taste this

carolyn said...

I know I didn't make them totally right, but they went with the curry....someone who cooked this all the time would probably not be very impressed!!