Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It isn't breakup after all

Monday I had to go out about fourish, and as I was driving along, I felt joy welling up in me. After much analyzing, I decided it had to be that it felt so much like breakup. When I told hubby, he said yes, he felt it too.
The sun angle, the warmth, the puddles, everything spoke of that season further north when the daylight returns, and life springs to meet it. The puddles form in the day and freeze at night, and the setting sun blazes in the forming ice.
Then suddenly one day, the puddles are dried up, the ice is gone, and tiny blades of grass come pushing through the exposed earth, and spring is official.
Then comes the half crazed elation of light! til midnight, and birds singing at three am, and finally sleeping because you have to, not because you want to.

Today, it's back to January. Wind 15 to 20, gusts to 45, 2 inches of snow forecast and dogs that don't want to go outside.

But I had it for a moment.....

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Amrita said...

Hi Carolyn, its very cold out there.