Saturday, June 13, 2009


The book "A Nation of Farmers", by Sharon Astyk speaks of people being hungry because they don't know how to cook. This seemed a little outlandish to me, but I've been thinking about it, and watching in the grocery store. This week I heard someone ask her shopping partner if they were out of frozen pancakes, just as I would inquire how much bread was left.
I think I'm going to spend some time in the frozen food aisle, simply observing.

This led me to wonder how many steps it takes before we really do forget these things, and how far we must go to get them back. For instance, I grew up with homemade bread. Then we started going to the store in town more often, and store bread replaced homemade, especially during fishing season when we were all busy. Somehow we never went back to homemade in the winters, and then it was a thing of the past altogether. Canning our own food went the same way, and pretty soon we were living like white men in the middle of the living a lifestyle we couldn't afford...
Now, thirty five years later, I'm counting the steps, and looking for the shortcut back---I think it's a shorter road home.

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