Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday was my 48th birthday and Punkin made me a wonderful card; it featured a cake with 48 carefully drawn candles! I am very blessed!

Today was the funeral. It was very well done and very moving---Punkin had a really hard time, though. We're not doing schoolwork today, she can't concentrate.

We made the annual trip to Sam's yesterday for flour and things of that nature. After we were done, and ready to head home, the troops were hungry. Rather than wait the hour to get home, we went to a buffet style restaurant that was on the way out of town. Thirty dollars later, we realized that the amount we had spent on one meal would have purchased somewhere around twenty pounds each of beans and rice, enough for about three months, the way we eat. For that we got canned corn, frozen chicken and a variety of similar items, equally pregurgitated and extruded.
Time to start a pot of black beans soaking!

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fullfreezer said...

Happy birthday, even though it wasn't that happy. I hope the next year brings you joy.