Sunday, February 7, 2010

Papyrus, anyone?

The Etsy forums have several font threads going, with strong opinions expressed about the use of common fonts such as Papyrus and Comic Sans.
One offshoot thread had a question from a seller with a perfectly lovely banner that incorporates Papyrus, but she sounded as if she might change it, based on the opinions of other sellers. I suggested that perhaps buyers weren't QUITE as swayed by font-in-the-banner choice as the advertising gurus would have us believe....else why would we need THEM? I do hope she doesn't change anything, it's beautifully put together. Personally I've never felt that other sellers are the ones to be asking, anyway.
I clicked though to look at a shop----the owner had piqued my curiousity by equating the use of Papyrus to not taking your business seriously, and citing her work in the field of marketing. Con happened to look over my shoulder just then. Her question: "Mom? What are they selling?" cut right to the point. After I finished laughing, I had to admit that it wasn't easy to tell what the point of the shop was, unlike the shop using Papyrus in the banner.

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