Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ditched the dishwasher

I've been increasingly unhappy with the whole thing, the fact that we use more dishes because we don't have to handle them again, and then the spotty (pun intended) performance of the dishwasher, leaving spots and a strange white powder if the water softener isn't filled with salt. That might be the next thing to go!

As a child I hated the whole dishwashing thing, with all the work it entailed. Cutting wood to heat the water we carried a mile from the spring in plastic jerrycans in winter, closer in summer. If you didn't heat the water, your hands would ache for what seemed like hours, a bonedeep ache that precluded doing anything else til you warmed up.

But, with the luxury of a hot water heater, there really isn't any reason not to wash up by hand, and lots of reasons why I should.

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