Monday, April 27, 2009


Home again from Denver----had a great time at the show. On Sunday I took Con out for a walk around the Merchandise Mart---that place is big! Came back to the table and found a perfectly beautiful garlic keeper with a note...Stan of XAZ was at the show and I hadn't known it, we were so busy on Saturday I had no idea who was there and who wasn't.
If you haven't been to the XAZ website, you really should; he was debuting a new line of handformed boxes, very elegantly formed and polished...I thought decaying steel and urban leopard, shadows of empty windows... There's a group photo on the website, but it doesn't capture the essence well.

We used lots of hand sanitizer at the show, and I am glad to be home---but it's nice to remember that I do not have a spirit of fear, nor should I give place to it...everything is under control.
Nienie said the same thing, it's under control--much more eloquently, of course!

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