Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long nights...

It's been a long couple of nights.....the tan puppy, Walnut went to a new home with three children on Tuesday. The first night Peanut slept ok in the bathroom as usual, but that was the last time. The next I had the foolish idea of letting him cry it out, like a baby. Puppies are not like human babies. He cried for three hours. Chuck snored through part of it, but when he woke up and asked what was killing the puppy the cries tripled in volume and desperation.
We've compromised the last couple of nights: he sleeps in a box beside the bed, on my side, where I can put my hand on him if he cries. I found that covering the box with a pillowcase helps a bit, there isn't anything interesting to see that way.
Last night he only cried at 4AM, so we took him to his papers to puddle.
I hope he grows up to be a little more independent!

On a funnier note, the cats are noticing that he's turning into a dog....they're wondering about our powers of observation..

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