Thursday, April 2, 2009


Some interesting comments being made on a board I frequent about smoking....some are likening the addiction to a physical deformity that one can do nothing about..
I'm not so sure about that, truthfully. We have the information available to us before we CHOOSE to pick up a habit that probably will become an addiction.

I see it sort of like a bear trap in plain sight. You walk around it, look at it, poke at it, and finally put your foot in there. You were told by people around you that it really wasn't such a good idea. It would damage you physically. You would smell bad. Some people would not want to associate with you. There was documented scientific evidence freely available covering the hazards. You chose to try it anyway.
Now don't expect everyone who happens by to affirm you in your choice to wear a bear trap on your foot. Some will offer to help you out, some may point out the folly of your ways, that's human nature, pure and simple. Most people will be quite sympathetic, but don't be surprised if no one wants to bring you food and water and take care of you, rather than helping you pry the trap off your foot!

Just for the record, I did smoke for 22 years. Do I miss it? No.
Am I a particularly strong person? No.

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