Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today I took the plastic off the windows and opened them.
It had been raining for the last three days and today is the first sunny day in a week.
The cats are perched on the windowsills, chattering at the grackels.
The grackels are ignoring the cats.

I made bread this afternoon, using the recipe from Granny Miller.
I think I could have gotten eight loaves, my yeast must be particularly frisky....

The bread is delicious! I haven't made a kneaded bread for years. My mother used to make bread, but somewhere around the time I was 13, she stopped cooking. We ate a lot of pilot bread and peanut butter, canned soup and store-bought bread. Life was a lot like a piece of pilot bread, flat, hard, and tasteless.

But, now I make my own bread. It's good, and if it isn't, well that's my fault, isn't it?

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