Friday, February 13, 2009


In browsing around, the theme for today appears to be posting about the date, one with what appears to be the Wikipedia entry cut and pasted....
I've never been superstitious, but all the theories are interesting.

It's snowing this morning, so in between torching, it's definitely time to begin planning the garden. I bought seeds in Dec and Jan, so that I would be sure to get what I needed this year---as if I really NEED 10 varieties of exotic tomatoes.....of course I do!

The whole side yard that never has had nice grass will be a vegetable garden this year--if I have to pay for water, then I need to be able to use the end result, yes? On a side note, the zucchini we saved last fall are still mostly good, I chopped one up in soup last night. The skin gets hard and they taste a little "squashy", more like a winter squash. They do keep, and it's better than canning them.

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