Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got so sidetracked yesterday that I never came back with pictures like I'd intended. I had picked up several mirrors for photography before LAST Tucson, then promptly lost them. Not that I like to admit to being so disorganized, but I might take after my mom just a little on that one. If she put something in a safe place, you knew you would never see it again. So THIS year, I happened to sweep under the bed in the guest bedroom, and there they were. I pulled them out and took them to Tucson for display--which was fortunate because Burgard had a brand new ring that just happened to fit my flowers and just happened to look fabulous on a mirror!

So, yesterday I finally dusted them off and took my photos on them. I didn't know there was so much dust in the world, let alone on my little mirror!! I've for now settled on an alchohol wipe between pics and banishing the cats from the room.

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