Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow and skirts

Nice wet snow, that's already beginning to melt...At 5:30 this morning it was windy and snowing sideways, but by seven it was almost dead still.
Now the sun is peeking through, and I'll bet the white stuff is gone tomorrow!!

The pups are sooo fat! Roly-poly little peepers, they eat, sleep, and eat. The eyes should be opening any time, and we can't wait!

I hemmed Con's skirt yesterday---I used the Bo=Peep pattern in Seams To Me and it came out very well. I could have wished for a straight on front or rear view, because I thought from the photos that the ruffles went all the way across the back, with the front being straight. Instead the ruffles are on the sides with front and back straight, not a design that I would wear as a somewhat hippy adult. It does look great on a young girl though. Con chose turquoise as her main color, with yellow green and white thrown in for accents. She certainly has her own style already, and it surprises me at times!

I have a nice pile of beads, but they're mostly for an order....back later w/pics!

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