Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's warm today, suppose to be 60 plus. This part I really love, we have spring here. The snow geese have been overhead the last couple of days, bright against the sky.
I should actually have listings today.....the orders are about done, and I can play again! I ordered Aura while I was in Tucson, and hadn't done much with it til yesterday. It's beautiful on its own, but I tried a couple of other things, and we'll see this morning how they came out.

Checked the news and shouldn't have, as usual.


San Diego Farmgirl said...

Do you mean the Tucson gem show? Or do you visit Tucson regularly? My family lives there!

carolyn said...

The gem show, we do two shows there. We have friends we stay with in South Tucson since the hotels are so expensive during the shows. I would really like to see it in the summer, I've heard the summer storms are incredible, and I like to watch lightning...