Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snowing again

Fat, fluffy, drifting always, the memory of blooming cactus and desert is fading quickly.

I was surprised, the extra-large lentil press I ordered on the way home showed up yesterday. I hadn't expected to see it til next week. Thanks, Catt!! I only made two beads with it yesterday, and it does take a LOT of glass!

I was feeling stagnation and couldn't decide what to do about it.......finally made the decision to try larger pieces. I tend to use the larger choice in a multi-sized press, and somehow that has crept into all my work. It's just such an "average" size. I'm always impressed when I look at Debi's work, she gravitates to the smaller end of the scale, and all her work has a delicate feel about it, even if the colors themselves are bold. So, I decided to try both larger and smaller just for a better range in my pieces.

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