Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Back again! We had a spring storm/blizzard Mon and Tues. Sunday was 70 degrees, and Monday morning started out pretty nice, but it was raining by 7:30 with a bit of thunder, and by nine it was snowing. By the time Chuck came home at 11 it was a whiteout. The power was on and off all day, so we threw a blanket on the lizard, stayed off the computer and didn't make any beads. Con learned how to light the gas stove with a match, and I realized that she had never used a match before, so I let her light a few. She promptly used the burned tips to draw with! True pioneer woman there! By noon the windows were iced up on the south side and we couldn't see a thing.

Yesterday Chuck tried to go to work, but couldn't make it, took him over an hour to get just a few miles and back. By afternoon, the temp was in the forties, puddles everywhere and a warm wind blowing. Felt like a southeaster back home. When Chuck left for work it was almost whiteout, and when we went outside, a pheasant flew up, he'd been hunkered down right by the door.

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