Friday, March 27, 2009


Checked ADN last night and Redoubt popped again. There are some good pictures on their website, and in perusing the pictures I saw an interesting photo credit.....groundtruthtrekking.
I wondered if "Hig" was somehow related to Higgy, a friend of my father's. I mainly remember that he liked to build small cannons and shared my father's love of wooden boats----and then there was the story about the time he laid a shot across the bow of the Coast Guard cutter that was over from Homer for the 4th of July. Or the time my father climbed the mountain above the house and stamped a (slightly off-color) message in the snow for Higgy to read when he stepped outside in the morning....

After digging around a bit, turns out it is in fact, his son. I knew him as Bret; back when we'd only been lampworking a couple of years, we did a demo in Seldovia and he was melting beach glass with a Fresnel lens at that time. I had no idea he'd walked from Seattle to Unimak...pretty cool!

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