Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My glass order arrived yesterday, but I didn't unpack it---pulled it out today and almost threw away the enamel....good thing it was in a bag, too, the little plastic container is broken. As well as it was packed, I kind of suspect it was packed broken.
It's always nice to get new glass, even if it isn't new...there's just something about the possibilities. I did try Moretti clear again, we'll see how it works. I haven't used it since about 97, except for a base and things that are etched anyway. Well, with the exception of that little bit I found from when I first ordered glass. The clear was not too bad back then, but then it seemed like it really got crummy for a while. Having been through Czech, Murano, Lauscha, TAG, and lately DH, I decided to try this again, just for giggles.

I spent the last couple of hours digging through the black box, looking for pics of Cocoa as a baby, but got sidetracked with old bead pics. Funny, some of them are pretty good, and on some I really wondered what I was thinking!

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